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About us 

Woof Scouts is a comprehensive dog training company based in Richford, NY.  Our #1 goal is to provide a fun, positive and effective learning experience for both you and your dog. Individualized training programs utilizing modern and science-based training methods are created by a certified dog trainer to help you achieve your goals. These programs facilitate results and foster a stronger bond with your canine companion. We offer training geared towards puppies, obedience and manners, behavior modification and more. In order to meet your specific needs, we have private, virtual, as well as standard day programs, we’ll fit your schedule! 

Who we are 

Holly is a dog trainer certified through the Victoria Stilwell Academy, which emphasizes effective implementation of positive reinforcement training through science-based training methods. 

Holly has always had a passion for teaching. Before becoming a certified dog trainer, Holly graduated from SUNY-Cortland with a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education and a Masters of Science in Teaching Students with Disabilities. She is currently a teacher in CNY. 

Scouts Philosophy 

Woof Scouts methods are rooted in positive reinforcement which provides long lasting results and further strengthen the bond between you and your dog. We help dogs learn to make appropriate choices without causing fear or pain. With a skilled and experienced trainer and the right training program, you can achieve the results you are looking for! 


Tax is already included in all service cost

Initial Consultation

Required for all new clients. We will meet online or over the phone.

Each dog is different, so each plan will be different! During the consultation, we’ll review what your goals for your dog, discuss a management plan to help curb unwanted behavior and create a program that fits best for you and your dog.  All of our programs will take place at your home! 

Cost: $50

Private Training

Are you looking for a more “hands on” approach? Private lessons offer the chance for you to be up close and personal with our trainer. We’ll create and review a training plan, and provide ongoing support throughout the program. 

Programs of interest include:

Our Training Packages

Canine in Training (C.I.T) Package: 3 sessions 

Have a few targeted training needs to address, then the C.I.T package is for you.  

Recommended for single behavior issue, 3 obedience behaviors, potty training, or loose leash walking 

Cost:  $229

Pup Scouts Package: 5 Sessions

The Pup Scouts package is for those who want to further their dogs obedience training. This program is also for dog who require more assistance learning obedience and behavioral skills. Pup Scouts is great for clients who have new members of the family or adult dogs. 

Recommended for 4-5 obedience behaviors, homes with newly adopted dogs, puppies or need more intensive obedience or manners training. 

Cost: $369

Woof Scouts: 8 sessions

This program is for clients who want more advanced training and proofing of obedience work by adding duration (time) and distraction.

Recommended for obedience and manners outdoors, obedience and recall in new locations with higher distractions, and multi-dog households. 

Cost: $559

Virtual Training 

We meet online and follow a similar format of in person private training sessions. Great for basic obedience, manners and behaviors. Perfect for shy or fearful dogs, by creating a calm and distraction free environment. 

3 Sessions: $219

5 Sessions: $359

8 Sessions: $549

Training Walks

Need help practicing loose-leash skills with your dog? Let us help! 

Note: For long term success in your dogs loose-leash skills, it is important for you to continue the practice between training walks. 

30 minute walk: $35 dollars 

Buy 5, get one free!

$5 dollar discount to current/past private training clients and local Richford dogs 

 Our Policies 

All clients will be required to sign an agreement and waiver before starting any training session or program. 

Training Fees: All payments for training services are due at or before the training service. Taxes are included in the cost. All charges are nonrefundable. Payments accepted are venmo, paypal and cash. Any late payments will incur a 5% fee. 

Cancellation Policy: We require a 24 hour cancellation notice from the client. If the client fails to give 24 hours notice, or is not present at the time of scheduled sessions, they are still responsible for 100% of session fees. 

Group Classes: No refunds will be given for missed classes. 

Inclement Weather/ Unforeseen Circumstance Policy: In the event that a session has to be cancelled due to inclement weather or an unforeseen circumstance, the trainer will notify clients no later than 2 hours before the session/class start time. They will provide a make up session date/time within 24 hours. No extra fees will occur to the client. 

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